Repair Connects is a pilot project, a first step to bring the repair of electrical and electronic equipment (household appliances, laptops, ...) closer to citizens again, using digital tools.

Repair Connects brings enthusiastic repairers into contact with neighbours with a defective device. Together they look at the best solution to restore the device. "Repairing together" remains the basis, both parties learn from each repair.


By using the Repair Connects platform, you agree to the following conditions:

  • Registering a device or registering as a repairer is not binding. There is no obligation to take action.
  • The owner of the appliance is always liable for any damage to the appliance during repairs within the framework of this project. The advisory repairer cannot be held liable for this.
  • All users of the platform always strictly adhere to the measures imposed by the authorities with regard to the corona virus.
  • All services are provided voluntarily, no compensation can be claimed for these services. The purchase price can only be charged for spare parts. This is always done in consultation with the owner of the appliance.
  • Privacy is extremely important for all repair organisations registered on Repair Connects, and for the initiating partners within the Sharepair project. We can learn a lot from the data of the registered devices to repair better and faster (common problems, which spare parts need, ...), so we keep track of them. Your personal data will only be used in the context of this project. More information about the privacy policy can be found here.