Discover the many sides of repair

Repair instead of replacing is good for our planet. But where to start? This platform guides you through the different repair options availabe. Just tell us a little more about your broken device, and off we go!
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Find relevant repair solutions to your problem

3 simple steps

Identify your device

By selecting the right device type, we can better guide you to the relevant repair options.

Describe symptoms and problem

Let's try to diagnose what's wrong. Select a fault from a list of common issues, or describe it yourself and help us enrich our guidance library.

Check your repair options!

Get an overview of the repair options most relevant to your problem. Find manuals and how to's if you've opted for DIY repair, or get an address if you'd rather get help from an expert.

Calculate your repair impact

Fixing broken devices is good for the planet. But how good? Use our impact calculator to calculate the environmental impact you avoid by repairing your product .
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In the picture: Start-to-repair

From useful information sources to making the right problem diagnosis: these tips & tricks will make you a repairman too.

Explore all repair options

There are many sides to repairing, and more than we often think. Depending on the type of device you have, its age, and your own preferences and skills, one or the other option may be a good choice to help you give your broken device the second life it deserves!


In the DIY repair section we collect as many interesting guides and manuals as possible, related to product categories and issues that frequently occur. This content can help you come to a first diagnosis, and maybe you will even attempt to repair your broken device yourself.

Repair Café

You shy away from self repair, but want to learn it? You are attached to your device, but it's too old or too small to have it repaired in a professional shop? Have a repair volunteer in your region repair it with you!

Professional repair shops

If your device is less than 2 years old, go back to the manufacturer and claim your warranty rights. Even for older appliances, local professionals can often help. Find the right expert in your area.


Does none of the repair options work for you? Then don't forget to recycle: spare parts or raw materials may still be useful for other purposes.

Are you a maker who likes to repair things?

With this project, we try to create relevant guidelines on a product category and frequent faults level. The exercise is led by different repair networks, but our content can only grow and improve thanks to your help.

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