• Please note that these guides are only informative. It can be dangerous to plug partially disassembled devices. Always unplug the device when working on it. If you’re not sure how to proceed, contact a local repair café or a professional.

How to diagnose and solve a paper jam?

Laser printer (Paper) jam
Every time after launching a print job, your paper jams, there are holes in it, or the paper leaves the printer torn or crumpled.

STEP 1 Check for a paper jam in the printer  

If you notice paper shreds or a paper jam, the cause is likely to be the paper.  

STEP 2 Remove the paper chip(s).  

Try using both hands against the direction of printing to remove the paper. If you cannot remove all of the remaining scraps, turn off the printer and follow the instructions in the manual (on the manufacturer's website).

STEP 3 Replace the paper

If your paper still does not come out of the printer completely after removing all the paper shreds, take the bottom sheet from the pack of paper and try again. If even this sheet comes out of the printer damaged, the entire pack is lost and it is best to use another one.

Check the room temperature before opening a new pack of printer paper. Moisture can cause paper to expand and/or take an uneven shape. In turn, air conditioning or too warm an environment can cause paper to shrink and become more brittle, or several sheets to stick together.  

So you better store your paper in an environment at constant room temperature, such as in a drawer with a flat bottom that you can slide on. Leave the printing paper in its original packaging, usually with a protective wax layer, and take only the sheets you need. Then seal the package with tape.

Background information

General repair advice

  • Always unplug the device when working on it and, if possible, remove the battery.
  • When working with electronics, it is best to wear an antistatic bracelet to prevent damage from static discharges
  • If you are not sure how to proceed, contact a local repair shop or a professional repairman

Information specific to the printer

  • Many providers of alternative cartridges offer a warranty, if your diagnosis shows that the problem lies with the cartridges, do not hesitate to claim it.
  • Protect the surface on which you are carrying out the repair. Even after removing the cartridges, ink may leak from the printer while you are working on it.


  • Always unplug the power cord when working on it.
  • If you are not sure what to do, contact a local repair café or a professional.

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